Winter Coat, Hat & Mittens for a Child in One of our Cold Weather Programs

In need of that perfect gift for a loved one? Take a look our Special Gifts this season and find some alternative gifts for the special people in your life, while also supporting the mothers and children of The GOD’S CHILD Project. After purchasing you will receive a Wish List certificate in the mail in a few short days.

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Child Care: The GOD’S CHILD Project cares for and protects 5,000 orphaned, abandoned, and poverty-stricken youth. We provide foster families, nutrition, medical care, clothing, and education. The Project supports, educates, and provides legal assistance to 8,700 widowed, abandoned, and single mothers, and victims of domestic violence.

*Gifts made through the Wish List represent a gift to the entire GOD’S CHILD Project. The GOD’S CHILD Project does not use its limited resources to track individual gifts. We use your gifts where they do the most good. Your contributions to fight hunger, illness, abuse, homelessness, and poverty are fully tax-deductible.

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